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What’s the difference between Unpluq Free & Unpluq Premium?

Unpluq Premium allows more schedules, more apps blocked, and has more barrier types than Unpluq Free, giving you ultimate flexibility to regain control of your time. 

Unpluq Free:

  • Block 2 apps 
  • Use 1 schedule
  • Choose from 2 distraction barriers 

Unpluq premium:

  • Block unlimited apps, with up to 49 per schedule
  • Use unlimited schedules 
  • Choose from more than 6 distraction barriers (Random barrier, Unpluq Tag, QR Code scanning, etc)
How do I block Safari?

To block safari with Unpluq, you need to update to iOS 16.4. While selecting your distracting apps you can search for Safari and select it to be blocked. 

Why can’t I select my own websites to block?

Due to a limitation by Apple, it’s not currently possible to manually indicate websites to block with Unpluq. However, you can block websites which show up in the categories where you select  apps. These are based on your recent browser history and are not visible to or saved by Unpluq.

Why can't I unblock apps from blocking screen?

Due to a limitation by Apple, it’s not currently possible to unblock apps from the blocking screen (like on the Unpluq Android app). However, we are looking into a solution to make the process of unblocking apps faster. 

Can I change the amount of time apps stay unblocked?

Yes, you can change this in the “more” section. Click “blocking mode,” and you can change the time that apps stay unblocked after going through a distraction barrier.

What is a distraction barrier?

A distraction barrier is what we call our actions of intentional friction that you have to perform in order to access your blocked apps. The current available distraction barriers are: shaking your phone for 5 seconds, tapping 7 buttons, scanning a QR code, scanning the Unpluq Tag, Scrolling, Random, Walking (Android only). More barriers are being added over time.

What is the Unpluq Tag?

The Unpluq Tag is a wireless NFC Tag that works together with the Unpluq app. It’s our patented, physical distraction barrier, and it’s the most effective in helping you change your screentime habits 

After purchasing an Unpluq Tag on our website, create a schedule of when you want to block access to your apps. In those scheduled times your distracting apps are blocked, but are still accessible when you tap the Unpluq Tag to the NFC reader of your phone. This helps you to decide whether to use the app at that moment–we call it a distraction barrier.

I'm a student, can I get a discount?
Yes, for students we offer 50% off on the Tag. Email us at support@unpluq.com with your proof of enrollment and we’ll get you set up.
Why do I need a physical tag when I can use an app to block apps?

With Unpluq you can block apps and reduce screen time with only our app, or choose to add the Unpluq Tag (physical NFC keyfob). 

On average, customers who use the Unpluq Tag recover more screen time (78 minutes a day on average compared to 54 minutes a day with the Premium app only). 

Using a physical tag helps you change your habits. Our solution with the Unpluq Tag is based in the science of Rational Override Theory.  

You can leave the Unpluq Tag in a place that requires you to get up to retrieve it when you want to access your blocked apps. This increases the friction to access your distracting apps, which is part of what makes it so effective.

Do I need Unpluq Premium to use the Unpluq Tag
Yes, the Unpluq Tag only works with Unpluq Premium. We choose this model because developing software takes a lot of time and effort. With the Unpluq Premium subscription, we can continue to create updates for the Unpluq app and provide you with the best possible experience in the Unpluq app. There are lifetime subscriptions available if you’re not a fan of a subscription.
Which devices support the Unpluq Tag

The Unpluq Tag will work on all iPhone (from 8 and up) and Android devices with NFC support. Check a list of phones with NFC in here.

What happens if I lose the Unpluq Tag?

If you lose your Unpluq Tag, the Unpluq app allows you to indicate you have lost your tag. Using this option changes your schedules to an alternative, non-Tag barrier until you indicate you have recovered your Tag.  You can only use this feature 5 times in the lifetime of your account to prevent it from being abused.

If you have don’t have  your tag with you but you really needs access, consider using EMERGENCY MODE which enables full access for 5 minutes, during which you can change your barrier type on your schedules.

Do you store my data? What is your privacy policy?

Unpluq does not store or sell any of your data, and in most cases, your data is not even accessible to us. You are not our product. 

At Unpluq, we design products that help you live better, with your privacy in mind. Read our privacy policy here. If you agreed on your phone to help improve Unpluq, we are storing usage data in order to find bugs, remove crashes, and improve your app experience. For example, we may use this data in the future to give you and others recommendations on which apps to block for the best outcome on your time.

I forgot my Unpluq password, how do I change it?

You can reset your Unpluq password here: 


Can I move my Unpluq Premium subscription from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android?
If you’re changing phones and have an Unpluq premium subscription, you can take your subscription with you. Here’s how:
  • Subscribed through Unpluq website (for example, if you purchased a Tag, or if you redeemed your subscription with an in-app premium code): simply login to your account on your new phone.
  • Subscribed through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store: you’ll need to contact support for assistance, but we’ll help you move your account. To start the process, email  from the email address associated with your premium subscription, and we’ll help you migrate your account within 3 business days or less.

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