Time = money?

Lets spend it!


Teach your kids to spend time on the things they value
with the Unpluq Family Conversation Cards


Digital media is awesome!

… but sometimes it is

a little bit too awesome.

We all know these moments when we or our kids spend much time on our devices.

That is not necessarily bad, as long as we choose to do so on purpose.

To help you and your kids better distinguish value from temptation,

we developed the Unpluq Conversation Card Deck.

Why a conversation card deck?

To talk about it!

Talking about screen activities helps you understand what your kids value and why, and helps them understand what you value and why.

This mutual understanding is a fruitful starting point for tailored agreements, balanced lives and better bonding. 1

Repetition is key!

One card allows for a short ± 
15 minute conversation about an interesting topic. This way, the talks easily fit in with your busy lives.

By looking at the cards at least once every week, this thinking gradually teaches you to be more aware of what you value.2

Break a habit!

With exciting challenges to do together with your kids, the cards tempt you to try out new habits or hobbies.

Open your eyes to new ways, to increasing the balance in your life and to spending more time on things you value!3

1. Hermes, J., van Goor, R., & de Jong, M. (2019). Leefwerelden van jongeren : thuis, school, media en populaire cultuur. Bussum, Netherlands: Uitgeverij Coutinho.

2. Eyal, N. (2019). Indistractable: How to control your attention and choose your life. BenBella Books.

3. Lyubomirsky, S. (2008). The how of happiness: A scientific approach to getting the life you want. New York: Penguin Books.

How the card deck works


The idea is that you, together with the family, use one or more conversation cards at a fixed time during the week.


These cards contain questions or challenges. Let your children draw a ticket and then decide whether they:

A. Take up the question or challenge themselves.

B. Want to ask someone else in the family the question.

C. Not wanting to answer the question because it is irrelevant or too personal.

D. Challenge the whole family to answer this question or challenge.


You can then have a short conversation about the chosen topic.

After this conversation you can decide whether and if so what you will do with these new insights.

A challenge card for this week can be placed in a prominent place in the house in the supplied holder.


After this week, you can then use reflection questions provided in the instruction manual to discuss what you learned from last week’s challenge.

Then, the kids can pick their next challenge!

The card deck contains four different kinds of conversation starter cards:

Fact cards provide interesting things that your family needs to know about!

Question cards prompt interesting conversations that helps you learn from each other!

Do cards contain exciting exercises that your family can take on, learning about valuable time by doing.

Challenge cards provide a fun assignment for one week, which can help you become aware of and break habits!

For the best effect,

we made a handy instruction manual…

… in which you can find a lot of valuable tips to make the most of these conversations.

What our users say


“I’m not addicted to my phone, I’m addicted to my friends. Now, my parents understand!”


“.This card deck helps us look at the problem of excessive screen time from a wholly different perspective, through adding some new, healthy ways to spend time, rather than trying to limit screen time. It inspires”

The Unpluq Family Conversation Card Deck is now included

with the Unpluq family subscription model!