The digital age brings many advantages, but also poses a number of challenges to us. With increasing screen time and the rise of social media, we are more connected than ever before. But at the same time, never before have we been so distracted and disconnected from what is happening around us.

For the last two years, Unpluq has been helping thousands of people around the world to reduce smartphone addiction. We didn’t just make an app that blocks your favorite apps, but we also want to make sure you don’t get back to them until it’s really important. From the very first release of Unpluq we have taken a great deal of care to help you reduce your screen time: from our first Unpluq key to our unique distraction barriers, offering unlimited apps to be blocked, scheduling distracting apps and more.

What’s this new feature about? Time!

In our newest update, we announce Time Saved. With this feature, you can track how many minutes of screen time you saved every day and compare it with your previous days! Next to that, it shows you the total amount of time you’ve saved while using unpluq! This makes you more conscious about your phone usage and helps you to break old habit patterns.

It's about time! Introducing time saved

This update will help you save time by reminding you of the time spent. If you’re constantly checking your phone because you feel like there might be nothing else better to do, Unpluq shows you how much time you. We want to help you break free from your negative patterns, so you can focus on what matters most in life.

How much time will you save?

It’s hard to measure productivity, but you can measure the time saved by Unpluq. The average Unpluqqer saves 51+ minutes of time on their mobile phone every day! Can you save even more?

If you need help focusing without any distractions, Unpluq is the perfect fit for you. If you haven’t already download it now from the Play Store and start taking control of your smartphone.

If you are an iPhone user, just sign up on our waiting list (Here). Some exciting things will be happening very soon!