Co-Founder Head of Growth Unpluq

We are looking for a third co-founder in our startup Unpluq, with experience in business development/growth marketing. Experience/affiliation with finance and/or investment rounds is a plus. Experience with marketing (affiliate marketing, content marketing) is a plus as well. We’re looking for someone with 2+ years of experience.

Who are we?

Unpluq is a young startup from Delft, The Netherlands.  We want to be the world’s leading digital wellbeing brand by 2025. We believe people should control technology, instead of the other way around. 

We successfully raised our €10.000 goal on Kickstarter ( for our first product, the Unpluq key and Launcher. We shipped over 500 products to our first customers last November and raised over €20.000 in a Family & Friends round in August. We’re aiming to have raised around €100.000 in a seed round on Leapfunder by March 2021.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who is a good fit within the team, result-driven, takes initiative (affinity with entrepreneurship) and likes sales. We’re also looking for someone who likes to learn, learns quickly and is able to adapt to new circumstances and situations easily.

How many hours?

We’re looking for someone who is available full-time, from April 2021 onwards. We have a trial period of two months, which would start from the 1st of February. From then on, working for two to three days a week would work well (although working full-time in the trial period would have the preference). We could discuss this further in a first conversation while enjoying a cup of coffee, of course. 



We will work with vested equity, vested over a period of four years (with the cliff after one year). In the starting period, we will work with a basic loan of €2.000 per month, plus bonuses based on the sales results. When certain sales targets are met, or after a seed/Series A investment, the basic loan will also go up.


We have an office at Yes!Delft, an incubator in Delft. However, during these times, we are mostly working remotely from home. When the impact of the pandemic lessens, we will be working in the vicinity of Delft, so living close to Delft or within a good public transport connection would probably work best (although we want to continue working from home for 2 to 3 days per week).

Are you Interested?

Email us at