The Unpluq Tag allows its users to save 65+ minutes of screen time, every day.

Smartphones have been around for over a decade now and they have rapidly evolved since then. We are looking at a stage where everybody is going to be carrying one phone or another on them or keeping them in their bedrooms. Ignoring the obvious addiction factor, smartphone use can be a nuisance when we are trying to focus. Many of us created some conscious barriers to stay away from our phones, like turning off the notifications, putting the phone away from us, or just turning the screen down. All of these fixes are meant to distance ourselves from smartphone distractions.

Keeping this in mind and aiming to create an unconscious barrier to regain control over the smartphones, Unpluq has created a Kickstarter campaign – Unpluq Key – that came with a hardware solution. Unpluq helps users to block their distracted apps by choice with its free app, and access them with the Unpluq Key by physically plugging it in. This physical barrier aims to maintain the users’ focus on their goals and be productive in their own way.

We are distracted by our smartphones. A lot.

Being constantly distracted and thinking about what is going on in the outside world is more common than most people think. In fact, 25-40% of our day is spent distracted by various things that are going on. Since the key is the very first version of the Unpluq journey and frail, Unpluq came out with a brand-new version of the hardware device, which is developed by using the latest technologies. Unpluq now proudly announces its second Kickstarter campaign and device: Unluq Tag –  the best barrier for making use of distracting apps yet.

Unpluq Tag - soon on Kickstarter

Meet Unpluq Tag

The gadget to keep you away from digital distractions By taking the idea of regaining control over the smartphones into consideration, the Unpluq Tag differs from other solutions with the wireless NFC technology it uses. To keep away the phone distractions and at the same time keep up with the necessities of the technology age, this new model does not allow users to easily circumvent the distracting apps through a couple of clicks. This gadget allows users to decide how big they want to make the barrier to distraction and help to break up with bad scrolling habits. 

The Unpluq Tag is about to be alive on Kickstarter to be financially supported from crowdfunding. With the support it will get, the Unpluq Team will improve the product to help people even save more screen time. It is currently at the development stage and will be ready to be shipped to users in early May. For the early backer team of the campaign, there will be 40% off when the campaign is officially launched. 

If you think the Unpluq Tag is a cool gadget, you can join our backer team by filling out the form below.

Get one year of Unpluq Premium for free with the Tag!

That’s right, we’re going to give you one year of Unpluq Premium for free! For those of you who don’t know about Unpluq Premium, here is the gist. It is an app with unique features to offer you a balanced and healthy digital life. With Unpluq Premium, distracting apps are blocked through unique distraction barriers – like the Unpluq Tag. You will therefore be able to focus on the things you find important in life, free of unnecessary smartphone distraction.