Exciting news — now you can set a step goal to unblock your apps. That’s right, take a walk to access TikTok, Insta, games, Reddit, Twitter–whatever your kryptonite is.  It’s our newest distraction barrier and much requested.

Reduce your screentime and improve your health

To use this barrier, download the latest version of the app and edit your schedule to change the distraction barrier. You choose how long a walk to take with our steps distraction barrier. We’ve integrated with Google’s step counting API, so if you want to increase your walking activity and reduce screen time, update your app in the Play Store now.

Friends on iPhone?

This feature is only available on Android, but will be added to our iOS app in the coming months. Have a friend on iOS who should know about Unpluq? It’s coming out this quarter–tell them to join the iPhone wait list!

Reliability update

We’ve also greatly improved the reliability of the app by introducing device admin support. This makes sure that Unpluq isn’t disabled in the background for battery optimisation, which happened to some devices from Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo.