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Is the Unpluq app free?

You can always use the Unpluq app for free. There are options to get more functionality through Unpluq Premium.

What is Unpluq Premium?

Unpluq Premium is the full version of Unpluq. It’s available as a subscription for €3,99/month or €39,99/year. With Unpluq Premium, you get extra functionality like an unlimited amount of distracting apps, the ability to create schedules, whitelisting contacts, get unlimited software barriers and more. You can check the app for more information on it as well.

What is a distraction barrier?

A distraction barrier is one of the barriers we developed, like shaking your phone for 5 seconds, tapping 7 buttons, scanning a QR code, and much more. More barriers are being added all the time, so you can personalize Unpluq to your liking.

Why did you go from the Unpluq Key to a software-only app?

The Unpluq app is a new version that works without the Unpluq key. Instead of a physical barrier to access distracting apps with Unpluq 2.0, there are software distraction barriers. We did this to be able to provide our solution to more people. Learn more about Unpluq here

Currently, we are developing our new hardware barrier, called the Unpluq Tag. You can find more info about it here.

Why can’t I buy the Unpluq key anymore?

The Unpluq key is sold out. Currently, we are developing our new hardware barrier, called the Unpluq Tag. You can find more info about it here

Why do you have a subscription model?

We don’t sell your data and we want to keep it that way. This is how other tech companies often make money, but we don’t. Building an app costs a lot of time and money so selling a subscription is needed to keep on making the best screen time saver app in the universe.

Does it work on iPhones?

Not yet, but we are currently Unpluq for iOS. Sign up here.

Do you store my data? What is your privacy policy?

We are not storing any of your data to sell – you are not the product. At Unpluq, we design products that deliver benefits to the customer with privacy in mind. We want to be different from the big tech companies, where you are the product. Read our privacy policy here. If you agreed to help improve Unpluq, we are storing usage data. For example, we can use this data in the future to give you and others recommendations on which apps to put into your distracting apps.


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