The key to take control over your smartphone usage.

Less distraction, more life!

The Unpluq Tag Replaces The Unpluq Key

Transform your Android phone into a distraction-free device.


You decide when to remove distracting apps.

Regain control over your smartphone usage and focus on the meaningful things in life.

You choose which apps distract you. By removing the Unpluq key from your phone, Unpluq switches to Focus mode. In Focus mode, distracting apps of your choice will be blocked, and their notifications will be blocked as well.

Unpluq users save an average of

70 minutes a day.

What would you do with that extra time? 

What our users say

"The tool works as intended. It's easy to define distracting apps which then can only be accessed when the key is plugged in and it's a great way to stay focused on other, more important things."


"With the last update it's even better than before, I love it. It Significantly reduced my screen usage: I barely use Facebook now. Highly recommend."


I was quite sceptical beforehand, didn't really think I need it. So happy I got it! I thought I didn't spend that much time on my phone, but now I see how much more stuff I can do in those two extra hours, insane."


"Unpluq helped me sleep better, as I couldn't watch youtube video's before I went to bed"


"Usually I scroll on my phone in the morning, but now I read a book."


"Unpluq saves me 2 hours of wasted time a day, I used to spent hours dwelling on social media."


"I wanted to reduce my phone usage, Unpluq helped me to with that! It helps me to do what I want."


"Through using Unpluq I use my phone more consciously and in a more useful way, it also gave me more free time."


Why a physical key?

Normal software solutions are too easy to bypass. By creating a physical barrier to access distracting apps, the choice becomes more conscious.

Break Habit loop

By making your distracting apps further than just a click away, you break your unconscious habit loops.

Physical barrier

With the addition of a physical key, we give you the option to create the barrier to distraction yourself: you can decide where to store the Unpluq key when you want to focus.

Conscious choice

By making the decision to access distracting apps a physical action, it becomes a conscious choice.

Unpluq Key gives you


over your smartphone usage


for the meaningful things in life


without digital distractions

Smartphone & minimalist phone in one

Unpluq is the combination of buying a minimalist phone, combined with all the useful functionality your smartphone has to offer. No need to buy a minimalist phone, just transform your phone into one!

You decide when you use all functionality of your phone, or when you transform it into a useful, distraction-free device.

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Clean up your room to clean up your mind

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