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This is a collection of the frequently asked questions regarding Unpluq Key. Got a question in your mind? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here in Unpluq Key FAQ, simply fill out the form below. Do not forget to check Unpluq Launcher FAQ, too!


Will every device work with Unpluq? Is my phone supported?

Currently we support almost all Android phones with USB C, although OnePlus devices need an additional fix (see the FAQ below).

Devices that don't work:

  • Samsung A50
  • Samsung m31
  • Samsung A30s
  • Samsung A71
  • Sony Xperia ZX1
  • Sony Xperia ZX1 Compact
What is the fix for OnePlus/Realme phones?

You can turn on USB detection here:

Open Settings -> System -> enable “OTG storage.”

OnePlus and Realme devices have a custom firmware which turns this OTG storage fuction off automatically after 10 minutes.

As explained in this Reddit thread, you can put the OTG setting in your quick settings. This way, enabling Normal mode takes you one click more than normally, since you have to manually turn on the OTG first.

A more permanent solution requires some extra steps on your computer, an explaination can be found here.

Why doesn’t Unpluq work on iPhones?

Apple’s operating system (iOS) is more closed off and doesn’t allow for the modifications that we need for Unpluq to work. Unpluq works as your home screen, but Apple doesn’t allow third-party developers to change the homescreen. We are looking into developing Unpluq for iOS as well, however the functionality won’t be the same. Sign up here to get news about Unpluq for iOS.


Do you also support micro USB?

We made the design decision to focus on USB C, because micro USB is not actively used anymore on new devices.


Do you store my data? What is your privacy policy?

We are not storing any of your data to sell – you are not the product. At Unpluq, we design products that deliver benefits to the customer with privacy in mind. We want to be different from the big tech companies, where you are the product. Read our privacy policy here. If you agreed to help improve Unpluq, we are storing usage data. For example, we can use this data in the future to give you and others recommendations on which apps to put into your distracting apps.


How do I uninstall / disable Unpluq?

To find out how to uninstall unpluq click here

Unpluq key

Why did you make a physical key?

This is for two reasons. 

First of all, with the addition of a physical key you have to make a conscious decision to physically plug the key in and access distracting apps. 

Furthermore, it gives you the option to create the barrier to distraction yourself – you can decide where to store the Unpluq key when you want to focus. For example, you can leave the key at home and only have access to distracting apps when you get back home.

My Unpluq key is getting hot, is this a problem?

No, generally speaking this is not a problem. The Unpluq key can get a bit hot when you leave it plugged into your phone for a while, this is normal. However, when the key gets too hot to touch with bare skin, please contact us. This would mean there might be a production error in the Unpluq key’s chip.

Is the connection of the Unpluq key with the cap strong enough?

Yes, we designed the connection to last. We tested the keychain cap extensively and it stays on the Unpluq key tightly.

What happens if I lose my Unpluq key?

We built in a feature that allows you to access all functionality of your phone again if you lose the Unpluq key. This will involve a delay of some minutes, so it isn’t instant. Afterwards, your phone will always have all functionality. You will have the opportunity to restore if you found the key again, or to order a new Unpluq key.

My phone doesn't recognize the Unpluq key

We’ve tested the Unpluq key with a variety of phones, but some still have problems. sent us a email here with your phone and android version, and we will try to solve the issue. If it’s not working in the end we will give you a refund.

Can I plug the key in and charge at the same time?

This is currently not possible. It is a possibility to change to normal mode when your phone is being charged. You can find this setting under “Advanced settings”. You will have to plug in your key to change this setting.

Is the Unpluq key water resistant?

The Unpluq key is splash water resistant. However, we do not advise you to take showers with it.

Unpluq Launcher

Will I still be able to make calls?

Yes, your phone app will always be available, and calls will never be blocked. You cannot put your phone app into the distracting apps. In case of an emergency, you will always have access to your phone.

How is your product different from current software solutions?

The current software solutions are either very easy to turn off and don’t offer enough restrictions, or they are too restrictive (for example blocking all apps, without the option to get them back for a certain amount of time). Furthermore, we found through our user tests that the addition of a physical key makes it easier for our users to change their smartphone behaviour (see the question about a physical key).

Will the battery life of my smartphone decrease?

This depends on how much you have the Unpluq key plugged in. The key can become hot, meaning it extracts energy from your phone. If the key would be plugged 24/7, it could decrease your smartphone’s battery life by 5% to 20% from our tests.

Where can I download the Unpluq launcher?

You can download it here


What did the users from the user tests say about your product?

Responses were very positive. For example, smartphone usage went down by 25% on average. One person went down from using his phone for 3 hours per day, to using it for 30 minutes per day, while another person slept better, since he couldn’t watch YouTube anymore before going to bed. You can read more of our reviews here.

Why didn't you make Unpluq work the other way around (No distracting apps when the Unpluq key is in, all apps available when key is plugged out)

We want your smartphone to be non-distracting by default, and let you make a conscious decision to access distracting apps. On top of that, we found that having the physical key in your phone while using distracting apps makes you more aware of it, which makes you spend less time on distracting apps.

Can I use Unpluq to restrict my kids’ phone usage?

Yes this is possible. You can make the Unpluq settings password-protected, which allows you to use Unpluq for your kids’ phone. When Unpluq Premium launches, you can also upgrade to get Family mode (read more about it here).

Will my notifications be stored?

No. We value your privacy and only need notification access to block notifications of distracting apps. We do not sell any of your data – at Unpluq, you are not the product.

Will the application work without an Unpluq key?

No, you will need an Unpluq key if you want to use the Unpluq launcher.


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