What Are You Making Time For?

Turn your phone back into the tool it was meant to be.

Ditch your distractions with the Unpluq Tag and live your life to the fullest.

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Featured in Leading Publications

unpluq featured in leading news publications

A physical key to the apps you choose

Only access distracting apps by unlocking them with the physical Unpluq Tag 

unpluq 4 and a half star rating in the app store and play store

+1000 Ratings on iOS and Android

Join more than 100,000 people using Unpluq

  • Lasting Habit Change

    Most Tag users are still using Unpluq to achieve their goals 12 months later

  • Make the Time

    Recover 1 hour & 22 minutes a day. Do what truly matters: relationships, family, work.

  • 35% Better Focus & Sleep

    Independent researchers at Tilburg University proved that Unpluq improves your sleep and focus by more than 35%


How is this different from Apple Screen Time / Android Digital Wellbeing?

We've tried all native solutions ourselves--and lots of other ones, too--but we found that Apple Screen Time and Android's Digital Wellbeing are too easy to circumvent.

The Unpluq Tag provides you with a physical key to distraction that invokes real habit change.

Does the Unpluq Tag work with my phone?

The Unpluq Tag will work on iPhone 8 or higher, and Android devices with NFC support (this is most Android devices from the last several years). 

If you can tap your phone to pay, you have NFC support.

If you want to double check, see a list of phones with NFC here.

iPads: Note that iPads do not have NFC support at this time and therefore the Tag is not compatible with them. However, the digital barriers available in Unpluq Premium work with iPad.

What happens if I lose the Unpluq Tag?

If you lose your Unpluq Tag, the Unpluq app allows you to indicate you have lost your tag. Using this option changes your schedules to an alternative, non-Tag barrier until you indicate you have recovered your Tag.  You can only use this feature 5 times in the lifetime of your account to prevent it from being abused.

If you have don’t have your tag with you but you really needs access, consider using EMERGENCY MODE which enables full access for 5 minutes, during which you can change your barrier type on your schedules.

Why do I need Unpluq when I can just use screen time limits or leave my phone in another room?

Putting your phone into another room is a solution for some--but have you tried to do it with success? The challenge is that you won’t have access to the useful functionality of your phone.

With Unpluq we create an intentional barrier that helps you to decide consciously if you actually want to open a distracting app.

Do I need Unpluq Premium to use the Unpluq Tag?

Yes, the Unpluq Tag only works with Unpluq Premium. Developing software takes a lot of time and effort, continually--it's never "finished."

With the Unpluq Premium subscription, we can continue to create updates for the Unpluq app and provide you with the best possible experience in the Unpluq app. 

Do you store my data? What is your privacy policy?

Unpluq does not store or sell any of your data, and in most cases, your data is not even accessible to us. You are not our product. 

At Unpluq, we design products that help you live better, with your privacy in mind. Read our privacy policy here. If you agreed on your phone to help improve Unpluq, we are storing usage data in order to find bugs, remove crashes, and improve your app experience. For example, we may use this data in the future to give you and others recommendations on which apps to block for the best outcome on your time.