Unpluq Start Guide

Set Up Your New Unpluq Tag

Installing Unpluq for the first time, or just downloaded it now? Follow the instructions below.

Already started setting up or using Unpluq? See the FAQ below: "My app is already set up."

  1. Open the App - Follow the onboarding steps to create an account or login if you already have one; be sure to have your Tag nearby
  2. Activate Premium - Activate your premium account (Find your code in your order confirmation, or from the person who gave you your Tag)
  3. Set Your Schedules - Check your email for tips on setting up the right schedules for you to maximize your time.
  4. Share - Already in love? Share Unpluq with your social networks or friends.
FAQ & Help
  • My app is already set up. How do I activate my Tag? Simply edit your schedule(s) and change the barrier to the Tag. The first time you use your Tag, it may take an extra moment held in place to recognize it.
  • My app is already set up. How do I activate my Premium Account with the redemption code? In the app, go to More -> Unpluq Premium -> Unpluq Tag Account and follow the steps.
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions here 
  • Need help or want to share feedback? We read every mail we get. Write our team at support@unpluq.com.