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Unpluq Premium Subscription Only

Unpluq Premium Subscription Only

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What People Say

4.8 stars - 1000+ reviews 

“I've been present at dinner and I'm not scrolling my phone in the middle of the night." - Kim Trinh, video review

"I read an entire book on Sunday because Unpluq made TikTok inconvenient" - Sarah

"It really helped me get back on track with healthy routines" - Aaron

"A breakthrough that I'm not sure I could have had without Unpluq" - Daniel

"I have much better sleep and slower mornings" - Jessie

"It helped me make a change that I was unable to make on my own for years" - KB

"I literally don’t get out of bed without Unpluq" - JavaisLife

What’s Included?

  • Unpluq Premium Subscription (Activation Code)
  • NOTE: This product includes ONLY the app subscription
  • This item does not include the Unpluq Tag

Unpluq App

  • Compatible with iPhones (iOS 16 and up) & Android devices
  • An Unpluq Premium subscription is required to use the Unpluq Tag
  • Top rated

What the Unpluq App Does for You

  • Spend more time with family & friends
  • Be present throughout your day
  • Focus at work
  • Spend more time reading, doing art projects, exercising, or other activities
  • Lower your anxiety by spending less time on social media
  • Hold yourself accountable for your phone usage
  • Turn your intentions into action
  • Reduce your total screen time by 1hr 22 min a day on average

Unpluq Premium App Features

  • Select and block apps of your choice (unlimited on Android; up to 49 on iOS)
  • Automatically block apps based on days and times
  • Statistics: Screen time usage insights and time saved with Unpluq
  • Unblock apps consciously by going through a barrier, including using the Unpluq Tag
  • App Limits (daily total usage limits)
  • Emergency mode
  • Use all 7 app barriers (the Unpluq Tag + several digital barriers)
  • Unpluq Family for Android: Parental Control Options & "Extreme" mode
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